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Glorieuses 2009
IOTA AF-011 - DIFO FR-004
September 14 to October 8, 2009

F T 5 G A

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  Another event by the Clipperton DX Club - Most Wanted # 4

GLORIOSO 2009 : WHY and HOW ?

Glo_vue_site.jpg (90319 octets) The CDXC EUROPA 2003 expedition was carried out under very difficult conditions on Europa island by a team of five operators - members of the Clipperton DX Club - from the French Army and French Air Force. The French Army, convinced of the impact of the operation in the media, provided a tremendous support to the organisers Didier F5OGL and Rafik F5CQ and were the main sponsors for this operation.

In spite of the difficulies encountered (mosquitos, cyclone, etc...) the operators participated not only in the CQ WW DX CW contest, finishing first in their category, but they also did a number of radio "first" (in particular 6 meters). They provided a substantial help to the scientists of IFREMER for the safeguard of the Europa turtle, a species under threat.

In addition, the expedition had outstanding results:
- more than 100 000 visits on our Internet site (our site in 3 languages and related sites)
- publication of an article in 12 languages in more than 50 countries (entirely or partially), in specialised amateur radio and professional magazines.
- second place in the 2003 DX trophy of 425 DX news
- 35 000 QSO in 210 hours of effective traffic
- activation of the low bands, 151 QSOs on 160 m, 885 on 80 m and 3000 on 40 m
- double sided colour QSLs

The same military authorities give me the authorisation to carry out, with the Clipperton DX Club, a similar project on Glorioso, closing to the top ten of the most wanted countries. Access to the islands can only be done with the military already in place. This operation is expected to take place between in 2009 but - as previously stated for Europa - could be postponed depending on the geopolitical situation in the region.

A reinforced team of 5 to 8 operators, with more equipment if possible, will activate this rare island thanks to the authorisation of the armed forces under the high authority of general Dominique LEFEUVRE, commander of the French Signals and Graduate Studies School of Rennes, and the HQ of the Southern Indian Ocean Forces.

Our host on the islands will be the Foreign Legion; there is no doubt this will be another exciting expedition.

On our way then to the CDXC GLORIOSO 2009 expedition ! ! !

Didier F5OGL

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The licence for "Grande Glorieuse"

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