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11/10/2009 20:47


DJ5MN, Bernhard (94.216.42.---)
Many thanks for getting Glorioso QRV for all the thousands needing it for a new one or filling band points. Your helped me with 80,40,15,12m.

I learnt one thing: beside DXing we DXers have to do something AGAINST intentional QRMers and pirates!
Definitely it is not a problem to reach and work any rare DX when it is active, BUT intentional QRMers and pirates kill our hobby and the spirit of DXpeditioneers and DX-supporters.

In the past decades I gave lessions to ham classes w.r.t. technical stuff. I will add a large chapter called 'ham spirit'....otherwise it seems to go lost....

Bernhard DJ5MN
Top scorer satellite DXCC since 10 years
281 DXCC worked on amateur satellites (including Glorioso)

11/10/2009 12:59 - Japan


JO3GZH Michi (218.126.53.---)
To all of the DXpedition!

Thank you for the pedition!
I was lucky to have a QSO with you.

73 de JO3GZH Michi Doi

11/10/2009 12:43 - GAILLAN 33340 FRANCE


F6IGS Gérard (82.64.141.---)
A toute l'équipe, et en particulier à nos 5 opérateurs

Bravo vous n'avez aucunement démérité bien au contraire, c'est sur il y aura des insatisfaits mais il faut laisser braire les ânes et aller de l'avant pour avoir été assez souvent station Dx je sais ce que c'est que d'être critiqué ' on est jamais sur la bonne fréquence au bon moment!!!!'

Les conditions de propagation ne sont jamais faciles en dessous de l'équateur

S'il y avait eu moins de qrm volontaire voua auriez pu faire davantage de contacts malheureusemnt c'est maintenant un lot quotidien, je vous ai écouté pendant des heures et vous avez perdu énormément de temps avec les répetitions d'indicatifs et ceci sur toutes les bandes

Vous avez été très patients et je sais que cela a du être dur de ne pas jetter le manip ou le micro hi!!!

Bravo pour tout ce que vous avez accompli je le répéte ' VOUS N'AVEZ PAS DEMERITE BIEN AU CONTRAIRE' votre fairplay est à souligner et vous avez hissé les couleurs francaises en haut du mat et vous avez prouvé qu'il y avait encore de très bons opérateurs Kaki c'est très bien c'est dommage qu'il y ai moins de Radios Clubs dans les unités

Un ancien kaki en roue libre hi!!

Pour Didier F5OGL et Rafik F5CQ BRAVO
Pour les pilotes F6AOJ et autres BRAVO

Pour F5PRU F5LPY F8CRS F4EGS F5IRO BRAVO rentrez bien et prenez un peu de repos et à bientôt sur l'air

Gérard F6IGS pour mes autres indicatifs exotiques voir Qrz.COM

11/10/2009 10:47


GM4FAM (87.113.66.---)
This was a small team activating Nr 4 on the all time list and each member deserves our collective thanks for making the effort.
Meanwhile, I for one am appalled at the dreadful negative comments made on this guestbook; if ANYONE thinks they can do a better job then GO DO IT!
73 Cris

11/10/2009 01:39 - DM14te


K6FAF, Hans (207.200.116.---)
F5OGL and the team:
Thank you for your efforts and the hard work done by the team, not excluding salutations for doing >50.000 contacts with 5 operators. This is all very well recognized and appreciated!
1.However, the DX-community does not only consist of believers, but also hams with no remorse to do the wrong things in a pile-up, disturbing others. I feel that every operator facing a No 4 Country Needed pile-up should know the expectations of the crowd calling and the means and measures to control the crowd. I missed this with FT5GA!
2.However, the DX-community would have been more lenient and excusing certain flaws in the operation, if it had been FULLY informed beforehand about the capabilities of the operation and its members.
It would have been so easy to announce:' Our OPs are quite new on the subject DX and learn while they do.'
More than a Million Hams would have understood and been more patient.
3.However, giving the DX-community more informations
before shut-downs or other changes would have helped a lot, too. There ar a magnitude of hams out there that have been in the Military and certainly understand the ways things are handled there. One announcement is not enough, when you are exited in the trial to work a No 4.

Your guys made >50,000 connections, very well, but not always at the right times or on the right bands according to the real propagation.And the propagation is not controlled from (Paris), but experienced by the team.

All in all said and written here, the effort is well accepted and the outcome is accordingly.
Maybe my thoughts as a 25 year DXer can help any similar DXpedition planning for Europa Island or others like Kerguelen.

And last, this is not critique from someone , who did not make it in the log. It is just my opinion based on the facts of listening more than 4 full days = more than 100 hours, to get in the log.

All the very best to the crew and the organizers and tnx again for all the effort put into this DXpedition

73 de K6FAF, Hans

10/10/2009 17:52 - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


WP4T (24.54.244.---)
Thanks for be there.

10/10/2009 05:04 - Bogota Colombia


HK3J (200.118.150.---) http://qrz.com
Glorieuses Team dxpedition:

Is a shame (honte) that a big dxpedition like Glorieuses are designed only for United States and Japan.- 'Only North America' was the constant that appear on the clusters.
Was the money (dollars) the only justification for the dxpedition?

We, the South Americans ham radio also exists and we have a big disappointed with your attitude. Enjoy your profits!

German Duran HK3J

10/10/2009 00:44 - Terrace BC


VE7IJJ (216.232.182.---)
You completed your dx-expedition and for doing this I thank you. What of some of the critizm. Some of it is valid. Did each part of the world get an EQUAL oppurtunity to work you. No answer is needed as your stats will show what happened. Why did the top 100 stations in EU and NA work you 10+ times each. I can see 5 band and or a couple of modes, to do it for bragging rights is inapproppriate to say the least. In acheiving their spectacular record how many smaller stations got screwed out of a contact. Some of the pilots were making rude comments to the guys who used the wriong vfo--lighten up this a hobby.

FT5GA you published a schedule then ignored it. You avoided 20 and 40 meter phone,you favoured EU over the rest of us. Is this payback for a previous problem. I did not work you but thanks for doing the dxpedition. Dennis

09/10/2009 08:05 - New Albany, OH


wb8yjf (75.63.204.---)
Thank you for an all time new one on CW. It was a very difficult dx-ped. I am sure. I worked two SLIMS before I finally got you on 15M CW. Despite all the difficulties, thank you again for the QSO! Only 3 more until I am on the top

SLIMs are the scum of the earth...

09/10/2009 05:04 - castro valley,ca. US.


WB6DOQ (207.200.116.---)
With the low count or zero sun spots you made many good contacts.Things got out of hand at times, and that is to be expected with so many calling.

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